Service / Certification

ServiceOur Service inspection includes checking the date of manufacture and any recharges the extinguisher may have had, visual inspection of the fire extinguisher for dents and dings, visual inspection of the gauge, inspection of the hose for obstruction, and also a “fluffing” of the extinguisher. “Fluffing” is the process whereby the fire extinguisher is turned over and hit lightly with an object such as a rubber mallet. This insures that the powder contained in the fire extinguisher is moved around. If a fire extinguisher sits without being fluffed for a long amount of time the powder may harden and cake in the cylinder. After the extinguisher has been looked over and “fluffed” the technician then certifies the fire extinguisher.

Six-Year Maintenance/Recharge

A dry chemical extinguisher that is 6 years old or has not been opened up in 6 years is due for a six-year maintenance. A dry chemical extinguisher that has been fired off requires a recharge. The service is the same. In this service, the technician will take the fire extinguisher out to his truck anServiced will shoot the extinguisher off into a reclaim bucket or a filling machine. He will inspect the powder to make sure it has not caked or gone bad, change out the valve stem and O-ring in the extinguisher and visually inspect the cylinder for fissures, rust, or cracks in the cylinder. He will then put the extinguisher back together and fill it to its pressure with nitrogen, a nonflammable gas. We also recharge CO2, Halon, and various other wet-chemical and clean agent extinguishers.

As a fire extinguisher is serviced, your technician will tag the extinguisher with the appropriate markings. When an extinguisher is hydrotested, recharged, or receives a six-year maintenance, a sticker will be placed on the back of the extinguisher marking the service and, if necessary, the hydrotest pressure. When the fire extinguisher is certified it receives a certification tag, which can be a paper tag or a sticker tag.

We have been in business for over 15 years servicing the Bay area and surrounding counties. Family owned and operated gives us the ability to keep our prices at a competitive rate. We are a modern company with old-fashioned values. Our continuing education keeps us abreast of new fire and safety methods and techniques. We realize that there is no substitute for repeat and referral business. That is why customer satisfaction is still our number one priority.

Fire Suppression

ABCO can provide all of your restaurant needs for fire suppression. Our experienced personnel can design and install the system that reflects the special requirements of your facility. We realize the importance of meeting your deadlines and will work with you to minimize any disruptions in business operations.


An offshore fire is more than frightening. It’s life-threatening. The good news: Fires on boats are rare thanks to improved quality of vessel manufacture and technology. 95% of new boats over 20 feet come with automatic fire suppression systems. The not-so-good news is that an estimated 99% of boat owners with systems do not have their systems serviced annually. That means 99 systems out of 100 are out of date, and potentially non-functional. Don’t risk the lives of your crew by overlooking this vital service. Most insurers offer discounts for properly maintained fire equipment.

We have convenient dockside service at no extra charge. We provide annual dockside inspections of fixed fire suppression systems. While we are aboard, we check your hand held fire extinguishers and make certain they are properly mounted. We issue you a Coast Guard Certification inspection report after completion of our inspection. With over 15 years of Marine experience, ABCO Fire & Safety are yacht specialists.

Emergency Lights

exit-emergency-lighting service

Emergency lights provide lighting in corridors, stairwells, ramps, escalators, aisles, and exit passageways in the event of a power outage. If your emergency lights fail to operate properly during an emergency situation the building occupants may become disoriented. Let ABCO Fire & Safety protect your business and your customers.